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Resistant varieties for organic production

Diseases and pests significantly influence the stability of the organic potato yield. Breeding resistant potato varieties is an important goal of the potato breeding program at Agrico Research. Our innovative Next Generation varieties, with their natural resistance to late blight, have resulted from this.

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Yield security

Late blight is a global potato disease that causes a great deal of damage to potato crops, either completely destroying or significantly reducing the harvest. Climate change is also increasingly playing a role, therefore yield security is becoming more and more important.

The natural resistances in our Next Generation varieties contribute directly to growers’ yield security by significantly reducing the risk of crop failure.

Peter Oldenkamp

There is an increasing demand for organic potatoes and the market is becoming more dynamic. Organic seed and ware potatoes play an important role at Agrico. We supply the most suitable varieties and the correct advice. We focus on breeding varieties that are suitable for the organic market. Intensive cooperation between breeding and product management is paramount here.

The link between yield and sustainability

Enhancing sustainability is becoming increasingly important. The best way of combating late blight was to use plant protection products in the first instance. These products are constantly evolving and are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, but more sustainable options are now available. To this end, Agrico BioSelect has developed the late blight resistant Next Generation varieties. This offers more opportunities to organic growers and buyers. These organically grown varieties offer a wide choice in terms of appearance, flavor and different uses.

The Next Generation varieties are the link between answering the global need for sustainability and increased yield security, while maintaining good storage and excellent consumption characteristics.

Next generation potato varieties
Peter Oldenkamp

Would you like to know more about our organically grown potatoes?

Agrico works with more than 1,500 renowned Dutch growers and an extensive global network of subsidiaries and distributors. We supply a diverse range of organic and conventionally grown potatoes for the Retail and Processing sectors.

Do you have a specific question, or would you like to know what Agrico can do for you in terms of ware potatoes? Please feel free to contact us.

Peter Oldenkamp

Commercial Seed Potato Coordinator