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Agrico BioSelect supplies strong, healthy potato varieties for organic cultivation. Agrico Research lays down the foundation for this, where the breeding of resistant potato varieties, for example against late blight, is an important goal of our potato breeding. Our innovative Next Generation varieties, with natural late blight resistance, are the result of this.

These Next Generation varieties now offer our customers a wide choice in terms of appearance, flavor and different uses.

The international EU values of ‘health, ecology, fairness and care’ form the basis of organic cultivation. Our Agrico BioSelect varieties transcend the requirements of EU standards. For example, our organic varieties are always grown from organic propagation material. In this way, we guarantee a full organic circle in ware potato cultivation, from seed to tuber.

Our BioSelect potato varieties
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We are proud to grow organically for BioSelect. For us, this means focusing on and having respect for nature through the sustainable use of the soil and crops. In this way, we give our potatoes ample opportunity to thrive in an unspoilt way.

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BioSelect stands for quality

Agrico is committed to a professional and sustainable quality product from which everyone can benefit. Clear arrangements with trusted and affiliated growers, scheduled inspections and the right cultivation efforts on-site boost quality during the early stages. We also invest in the future and in our partnerships with external parties who monitor our methods based on certifications.

Certificates are mandatory to guarantee food safety. Each potato segment has its own laws and requirements and, of course, Agrico complies with these laws and legislation. Agrico consists of a large group of growers and is a leader in its sector in complying with the correct certificates in each segment.


At our Agrico Research breeding and research farm, we develop new potato varieties that are even healthier and stronger to meet the changing needs of growers, consumers and the potato industry.

Globally, as a result of climate change, the rising world population and constant changes in consumer demand, there is an increasing call for sustainably grown potatoes. This need for more sustainably grown potatoes forms an important foundation for the successful breeding that takes place at Agrico Research. BioSelect benefits fully from this with strong, robust varieties suitable for organic cultivation.

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Agrico works with renowned Dutch organic growers. We supply a diverse range of organically grown potatoes for the Retail and Processing sectors.

Do you have a specific question, or would you like to know what Agrico can do for you in terms of organically grown potatoes? Please feel free to contact us.

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