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Vigor and yield security

BioSelect’s potatoes mean vigor and yield security. To achieve that, we focus on optimal results in every link of the potato cultivation chain. That starts with the development of our potato varieties at Agrico Research and continues until the final quality check – just before the potatoes are delivered – at the Agrico Quality Center.

Not only at the time of delivery, but afterwards too, we are happy to provide comprehensive advice on the correct method of cultivation, lifting, storage and logistics. Our approach to work is underpinned by our commitment to our customers and our shared responsibility for good growth.

Quality samples at the Agrico Quality Center

A large number of factors are important in order to be able to supply high-quality organically grown seed and ware potatoes. Much of this quality assurance work converges at the Agrico Quality Center, where we determine the quality of the organic potatoes to be supplied.

This is where we assess samples of all batches that we are currently selling or wish to sell. We assess the quality of both the interior and the exterior of the potatoes. We check for the presence of disease and determine the germination capacity (seed potatoes). We ascertain the sizing and the underwater weight. We also determine the quality of the potatoes in terms of their suitability for transport and long-term storage. This enables us to guarantee that you will have excellent, healthy propagation materials.

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Ware potatoes

On the processing lines at Agrico Quality Center, in addition to quality samples from seed potatoes, quality samples of ware potatoes are also assessed. These potatoes take a specific route along the lines, allowing different characteristics to be assessed.

The Quality Center is evidence of Agrico BioSelect’s commitment to a high-quality product, from which everyone can benefit. After all, good growth is down to the ability to innovate.