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BioSelect and Agrico

BioSelect is Agrico’s brand for our organically grown ware and seed potatoes. Under this brand, we bring leading sustainable and innovative varieties to the market that more than satisfy the standards set out for organic cultivation.

Our intensive breeding program at Agrico Research forms the basis for these strong innovative varieties. With a firm focus on resistant varieties, these are therefore perfect for organic cultivation and are closely aligned to the markets’ needs. Without hesitation we can refer to these varieties as the Next Generation varieties.


BioSelect is part of Agrico. A powerful cooperative and a force for innovation within the potato sector, creating, strengthening and increasing the sustainability of potato value chains. We deliver strong potato varieties to destinations throughout the world and these varieties are perfectly suited to local conditions and markets.

As a cooperative, Agrico is committed to collaboration. We believe that collaboration is the best guarantee for excellent growth and achieving the highest quality. Driven by our joint efforts, the passion and knowledge of our breeders, growers, employees and customers, we distinguish ourselves in the development of innovative potato varieties and the global optimization of potato value chains.

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Our mission is to contribute to food security for a growing global population. Thanks to the power of partnership and our expertise in the chain, we are able to supply high-quality seed and ware potatoes. We develop innovative varieties to suit every location on earth where professional, successful and sustainable potato cultivation is possible.

We also create and enhance the sustainability of potato value chains around the world. The professionalization of the potato value chain ensures a better quality of potato cultivation, our main priorities being innovation, humanity and the environment.

Breeding for the future

Our breeding and research farm Agrico Research is designed to meet the continually changing requirements, needs and wishes of our growers, retailers and the potato industry, and ultimately the consumer.

Agrico Research develops new varieties that are even healthier and stronger, that are adapted to suit a variety of climatic conditions and that can be grown in an increasingly sustainable manner. These varieties are all bred in the conventional manner. Our organic potato varieties, including our Next Generation varieties, with natural resistance to the potato disease late blight, are a good example of this.

Agrico research introducing new potato varieties
Wieger van der Werff

Would you like to know more about our organically grown potatoes?

Agrico works with more than 1,500 renowned Dutch growers and an extensive global network of subsidiaries and distributors. We supply a diverse range of organic and conventionally grown potatoes for the Retail and Processing sectors.

Do you have a specific question, or would you like to know what Agrico can do for you in terms of organically grown potatoes? Please feel free to contact us.

Wieger van der Werff

Commercial Manager