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Agrico BioSelect supplies strong potato varieties for organic cultivation. As our growers are members of the Agrico cooperative, we have clear arrangements with trusted growers who boost quality during the early stages by using the right propagation materials and following the right cultivation processes on site.

Certificates are mandatory to guarantee food safety standards are met. Each potato segment has its laws and requirements and, of course, Agrico BioSelect complies with these laws and legislation. During the cultivation process the approach is monitored and checked, allowing us to supply the right product with the right quality along with the correct certificates.

Below we explain a few of our certificates.

Global Gap


The GLOBALG.A.P. certificate enables Agrico to demonstrate that it complies with the standard for correct property business operations, food safety, sustainability and quality in cultivation and the supply chain. Download our GLOBALG.A.P. certificate. Read more about GLOBALG.A.P here



The Demeter quality mark strengthens biodynamic (BD) agriculture. This quality mark is applied to products originating from controlled BD agriculture. Demeter quality is guaranteed through a certification system for biodynamic farmers and for the processors of their products. Download our Demeter certificate. Read more about Demeter here.

Skal (1)


This inspection organization checks whether organic products comply with European regulations. Agrico works fully in accordance with the requirements of SKAL certification. Download our SKAL certificate. Read more about SKAL here.



This quality mark, specifically for the German market, concerns chain management including the traceability of potatoes. Agrico complies with the requirements of sustainable quality of food in relation to hygiene and crop production product residues in the production, wholesale and retail parts of the chain. Download our QS certificate. Read more about QS here.

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Would you like to know more about certification?

Agrico is committed to supplying a professional and sustainable high-quality product from which everyone can benefit. We invest in the future and in our partnerships with external parties (including certification bodies) who monitor our methods based on certifications. Agrico is essentially a large group of growers and is a leader in its sector when it comes to complying with certification in each segment.

Do you have a specific question, or would you like to know what Agrico can do for you in terms of certification? Please feel free to contact us.

René Vernooij

CSR Coordinator